The Snake

Daily Draw: Nine of Wind and Seven of Seas

All the signs today point to things being frantic and a mess in the work world. Travel may come up at the last minute, and trying to process everything that’s going through your mind may make it difficult to make clear, thoughtful choices and decisions. There might also be some sneaky people saying less than helpful things, so be careful what you take in today. It’s time to wake up and actively choose what’s coming through your boundaries. Pay attention to your thoughts because they are making the world as you’re thinking it. What are you afraid to face? What are you protecting yourself from? It’s time to face those things so that you can move on. Being stuck is another source of anxiety and worry, so that could be making things worse as well. Time to get unstuck.


Daily Draw: Mercury Rising and the Crowned Heart

Well, today’s reading is a near-repeat of last Thursday’s energy, meaning whatever we were working through then is still hanging around and needing our attention today. Today is about radical self-love and self-care, and putting as much of our focus as possible on doing the best we can to take care of ourselves — I know it’s difficult amidst other responsibilities and the madnesses of daily life, but it’s very important to do the best we can. We can’t help anybody else if we’re compromised ourselves (it’s that whole “put your own oxygen mask on first” thing). We can be vigilant today in seeking out opportunities to make ourselves healthier and stronger, and it’s also important to realize that there are processes happening already to bring those opportunities to us. Let’s pay attention to the self-talk too, and watch out for where we run ourselves down. There’s been too much of that recently and it needs to stop, please. You’re awesome and doing the best you can with what you’ve got, so start treating yourself with the love you give everyone else.


Daily Draw: The Crypt and Gargoyle

Today’s draw is about rest and shielding. Relax and breathe deeply. Rest in whatever you’re doing and go gently. You’ve been thinking so hard lately there might as well be smoke coming out of your ears. Now is the time to let that go. Give yourself a mental and emotional break. Focus on whatever you’re doing as a mindfulness exercise. Leave the worry about things you’re not working on right now until tomorrow. Find the peace that comes from letting go of what you cannot control (that whole Serenity Prayer thing is actually right), and just be where you are. There are things happening that you can’t see right now, and that’s just how it is so let all that go. Feel how loved and protected you are, even if you don’t think it’s real — give yourself the gift of pretending it’s real. If you don’t already believe that there is a Large Invisible Sky Friend taking care of you, that’s ok, just pretend there is, just for today. We all need to believe in magic and the Invisible Ineffable sometimes, so let today be one of those times for you. And if you already do believe in the Invisible Ineffable, let yourself rest in the belief that you are held and beloved.


Daily Draw: Take Them Prisoner, Twist of Fate

Watch your backs today, my dears. There are unhelpful forces abroad in the world and they want to mess you up. Remember to shield and protect yourselves, and keep your focus on the long-term goal. Don’t be distracted by short-term setbacks. There are events and passages coming that you can’t avoid or escape, and the best thing to do is just live your lives and do your best. When and if disaster strikes, and it will sooner or later because it always does, rely on your experiences and training, and stay focused as much as you can on the good within you and others.


Daily Draw: The Cock, Eight of Air (Crow Mother), and Witch of Fire (Cerridwen)

Today’s draw is a lucky one for those who are able to see and grab their chances. It’s hard to see when the opportunities come up, and we all just do the best we can. An important bit of advice, though: it’s easier to grab the chances when you’re facing forward and not looking back into the past. The past is closed to you, so don’t look back there. Focus forward. That’s where the magic is, the possibility, and the creativity. You’re being called on to create and to draw on your abilities and your own personal witchery, and you can’t do that if you’re always looking backwards. The magic to be done, the work itself, is in front of you. The possibilities for greatness are in front of you. Create a boundary behind you to keep yourself from traveling back into the past and then respect and maintain that boundary, and if others are trying to drag you back, don’t engage. Don’t be drawn in. Let the strikes of inspiration move you forward, and keep moving. 


Daily Draw: Mudra, Eikthyrnir (Change), and Grid (Assistance)

Today’s draw offers us a chance to re-envision how we create: cut away everything that isn’t feeding your creative efforts because new things need to grow. Here’s a thing: we here at Muse’s Darling Industries have been beating ourselves over the head for the last four years for not doing NaNoWriMo. No more. I love that November, which used to be a month of remembering terrible things (the Jonestown massacre, the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk), has become a month of intense bursts of creativity for so many people. But I’m releasing my need to keep up with that system because it’s not helpful to me right now. So consider letting go of anything that’s not helping you develop new ways to let your voice be heard. Changes are happening big time in both seen and unseen realms, and hanging on to what doesn’t work will only make messes worse. Go deep into Mother/Goddess wisdom for help. Don’t be afraid to get dirty or bloody. There is magical work to be done.


Daily Draw: The Anchor, Odrörir (Inspiration), Fenrir (the Beast)

Well, as obvious draws go, this one is a doozy. We’re all getting nudged by a Cosmic Captain Obvious over here. It’s time to stay still, rooted in what’s most important to us, and do whatever work we love most. Let the inspiration and creativity flow and stop stopping it. Don’t listen to the voices of others that say you can’t do whatever it is you want to do. Stop listening to that chorus, because it sucks and isn’t even right. It’s just a yammering that’s coming from its own ground of fear and hatred, and while we can feel compassion for the people speaking these words if we want to (that whole bodhicitta thing), we aren’t compelled to do what they say. We aren’t serving them or ourselves by surrendering our passion and love simply because they’re miserable. Stop running away from your own inspiration. Stop letting them take your beauty. You’ve been given immeasurable gifts, and not using them because they haven’t been given to others as well is just stupid and has got to stop.