The Fox

Daily Draw: Nine of Wind and Seven of Seas

All the signs today point to things being frantic and a mess in the work world. Travel may come up at the last minute, and trying to process everything that’s going through your mind may make it difficult to make clear, thoughtful choices and decisions. There might also be some sneaky people saying less than helpful things, so be careful what you take in today. It’s time to wake up and actively choose what’s coming through your boundaries. Pay attention to your thoughts because they are making the world as you’re thinking it. What are you afraid to face? What are you protecting yourself from? It’s time to face those things so that you can move on. Being stuck is another source of anxiety and worry, so that could be making things worse as well. Time to get unstuck.


Daily Draw: Mudra and Wings

Today’s energy is a continuation of yesterday’s, with a significant difference in that whereas yesterday’s vibe challenged us to express ourselves creatively and to reach out to others with our own special way of co-creating the world, today’s energy contains a bit of a warning to watch out for how others express themselves. It may be less advantageous to you than you’d hoped, and there may be more of a Trickster at work today than a Helper. Retreat when and where you can to what matters most to you, your Source, your light, and batten down the hatches. The media is awash with bad news from other parts of the world, and it’s important to acknowledge that news but to not take it too thoroughly to heart, especially if it doesn’t affect you directly. Disconnect from social media if you need to, at least until you are more grounded and better shielded, and focus on protecting yourself today.


Daily Draw: Rhiannon and the Nine of Fire (Chantico)

Today’s draw tells us to guard that which is most precious to us. Today in the United States it’s a day of mercantile madness that comes less than a day after we profess gratitude for what we already have. Without getting too political in this space, let me just say that before we criticize those who wait in line for shopping on this day, consider that many of those who do are poor people who can’t afford the items they’re shopping for otherwise. Let’s not criticize the people but the corporations that are taking advantage of them and their own workers — remember who the real enemy is. So guard your valuables if you’re shopping today, and continue that flow of gratitude for what you already have as you search to bring in more (if you need to).

Ok, that’s that. Back to the reading: Tap into your own magic today (of course you have it; we all do). Watch out for predators and tricksters, and ALWAYS read the fine print. Guard your precious light against that which drains it, and if you are surrounded by energies that sap you, get away from them for a little while. If you can’t get away, put up some energetic shields to block them. These family weekends can be feeding grounds for energetic vampires, so be careful. Watch. Guard that which is most precious.


Daily Draw: Gargoyle (Guardian), Loki’s Punishment (Guilt), Oski (Fulfillment)

Today’s draw is a warning to be careful at work today: shield yourself as much as you can against getting thrown under the bus by others or being the subject of their tricks. Don’t take on guilt for that which isn’t your fault. You are shielded and protected from trouble so far by your own good work, but don’t be afraid to move on if you need to. Goodness is growing beneath your feet and will be there for you when you need it. It’s ok to hide if you feel threatened. Let your sacred protectors do their job.


Daily Draw: The Gull, Page of Cups (Mengloth), and Ordrörir (Inspiration)

This is the season of healing and forgiveness, and choices must be made with that in mind. We are on a journey all together, although we may be called to travel different paths during our lives. Nourish yourselves with what inspires you: the natural world, perhaps, or the stage and screen (or library, or ball field). Find where you get lit up, and go there. And happy Autumnal (or Vernal, if you’re below the equator) Equinox, you darlings! May the new season bring you healing, a plentiful harvest, and bright blessings.


Daily Draw: The Ruby Cup, Moonrise, Gargoyle

The wisdom coming through continues to indicate that you’re on the right path, making the right choices. It’s just that now is not quite the time to go public. Not yet. Keep letting the plans gestate, and be your own best and fiercest protector. Be clever and think things through as fully as you can before letting others in. You are getting the right wisdom-flashes, the right ideas, and you’re beginning to understand what you can do. And while it’s important to take that all-important leap, it’s also VERY important to know when to leap, and to time your self-launch carefully and only when you’re ready. The flow of things is unstoppable and it’s pushing you forward, so there’s no need to force that leap to happen. Not yet. And also The Ruby Cup is a really good sign. So yay! 🙂


Daily Draw: 3 of Cups (rev), Bulgia

Ok, yeah: into every life some rain must fall. Now, here in California we would pretty much all welcome some actual rain, but this is the kind of rain that comes with sorrow. Something is either dying in your life or has died. It might even be a person who has died or is dying, and you receive news of it today. It’s that kind of day. Another thing that has occurred to us here at Muse’s Darling Industries is that this could be the kind of energy that comes when you let a childhood dream die because you just don’t have it in you to make it happen any more. You’ve been beating yourself up about not fulfilling this dream for decades, and it’s time to let it go so you can have room to develop and manifest new dreams. Bury your dead, my dears. Be brave, breathe, weep if you need to, and let go.