The Arm

Daily Draw: X Wheel of Fortune and Eight of Earth

Reach out and grab the opportunities that come for you today, whether they look like the brass ring or an important email or even a chance to boop Lakshmi on the nose (check out the picture; the hand of The Arm landed right on Lakshmi’s nose 🙂 ). Take whatever comes today with a generous heart and a good sense of humor, because it’s all silly and wacky and bizarre and none of us get out of here alive, so remember we’re all in it together. Pay attention to what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to do the grunt work you need to do to keep things moving along. Leave behind what isn’t working for you, take action where you can (and be honest!), and be sure to let yourself laugh as much as you can. Breathe and be a part of the day.


Daily Draw: The Owl and Child Spirit

Today’s draw requires us to pay attention, but to do so with the wonder and honesty of a child. Our Inner Child. Let that child see through your eyes today. Let Her out to play in the rain (or whatever the weather is where you are). You will find the answers you’re looking for when you let go of adult cynicism, which may be perfectly justified, don’t get me wrong, there’s no judgment here — just let go of it for a little while, and let the playfulness and open-eyed, slack-jawed wowser-ness of a child experiencing life come out. See different. Experience different. Listen different.


Daily Draw: Wings, The Mask, and Blackbird

Today’s draw is about flight: flights of fancy and despair, flights of escape, and flights into the unknown. The wisdom is to allow yourself to move, whether you’re actually moving or just getting up and walking around your home space. Don’t get lost in the Facebook Syndrome of thinking that other people’s lives are much better than yours; that’s total crap and it’s manipulation (even if the manipulation is happening unintentionally, which I think almost all the time it is). People are putting their best “face” forward on Facebook, showing the good things about their lives and loves because it’s awesome and empowering to do that and I think it’s great. But if you are in a downward spiral, you’re not going to experience those feelings of empowerment or joy at the success and happiness of others. You’ll tend to see their lives, vacations, successes, and good things as evidence that you don’t have those things and are therefore somehow not good enough or are a failure. Don’t fall into that trap. Turn off social media until the mood passes and spend your time indulging in your own flights of whimsy and fantasy that empower you. If past pains come up, griefs and losses that you’re still processing, allow them to come. They’re hitting you because you cared, because there was love there and it’s worth it to celebrate that.


Daily Draw: I The Magician and the Knight of Swords

Today is all about making your magic, and doing so from your ancient sources. Trust yourself. You have a deep connection to wisdom and the unknown world, and tapping into it will come more easily to you than you think. Trust your blood. Trust the messages you receive. Go with the ideas you receive, the thoughts that come unbidden and just float into your consciousness. Let it happen and roll with it, because those thoughts are keys to wisdom you’ll need in the future. Keep doing the work you need to do, and trust that you are unlocking the doors you need to unlock as you get to them.


Daily Draw/ Two of Air (Athena), XIX Sun (Sekhmet), The Fool (Sheela Na Gig)

Today’s draw shows a process of moving from thought into action. You’ve had some good ideas lately and now it’s time to get them moving. Put them into the flow of things. Don’t be afraid to look like a beginner—you are a beginner, so you’re going to look like one no matter what you do. So don’t let that bother you. You’ve got all the requisite wisdom you need, and you’ve got the strength and capacity for making what you need to make in the world. Go for it. If you feel like you need to start quietly, that’s fine. Go wisely and let it be a start that few know about. You don’t have to shout it from the mountaintops. Just get moving because the flow happening right now is something you really want to tap into. 

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Daily Draw, Samhain Edition: Evening Star, Aegir (Movement), Swadilfari (Work)

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain, my darlings! All bright blessings on you as the great Wheel turns. Today’s draw encourages us to seek inspiration in the unknown, to reach out and unlock the darkness without knowing what will happen like Frodo did in Shelob’s lair when he held aloft Galadriel’s glass and cried out the invocation of the evening star. It’s time to move, to dance, to shed those old ways that hold us back and bar our forward progress, and to step into the work of creating the new world we want. It’s hard work, true, but we are encouraged to enjoy our work, to focus and have fun with it as we go because it is a celebration of (and focus on) the present moment and what we are pouring into our work. We’re advised to be careful and pay attention to what we’re doing, because when we don’t pay attention, our great power gets scattered all over the place. It’s like what happens if you turn on a garden hose full blast but don’t pick it up and aim it anywhere: the hose will whip and coil and snake around the yard like a wild thing, spraying blasts of water all over everything and maybe shattering delicate flower pots, terrifying the cat, and generally wreaking havoc. You have to get a firm grip on the hose first, THEN turn on the water. It’s the same with your power: you have to ground and center yourself first, THEN start to work. Otherwise you’re blasting everything around you with crazy wild energy and doing damage where you meant to help. This is the wisdom from my Ancestors, many of whom (hell, most of whom) were farmers: watch what you’re doing, and use your tremendous power wisely; there’s no stopping it once you get it flowing.


Daily Draw: Page of Coins (rev), Gerda

Ok, you guys, you (read: we) really need to shut up about what matters right now. I don’t mean don’t talk about important social issues, and I definitely don’t mean don’t talk about what makes you you. What I mean is that new things are precious and tender. They need to be shielded and protected, and talking about them and sharing them with others too soon exposes these precious new things to danger. You don’t go waving a newborn around minutes after birth, right? Of course not. (Unless you’re in the reality-TV business, and then that’s a whole different conversation.) But for now, get those shields back up. If you’ve already mentioned your new projects to others and they start to ask about it, deflect the question or just say you aren’t ready to talk about it yet. And if they look at you like you’re a weirdo because you already mentioned it previously, well, you just have to wear that and remember in the future to be more discerning. Protect your babies, and listen when your ancestors speak to you, when they warn you about going public too soon.