Daily Draw: The Cock and Phoenix

Today’s draw (which comes a little late, apologies; your Oracle had a date with the dentist) is a powerful one for setting and firmly establishing boundaries and foundations. Good fortune and opportune timing abounds today, and taking time to refresh those wards and shields is a good idea. Use the energy you’ve previously put into old things to bring life to the new. Let the ashes of the old nourish and provide the foundations for the new. Let go of what’s gone, and understand that if you’re not done with it (or if it’s not done with you), it will come back around again. This is all a cycle within a cycle within a cycle, and everything has its time.


Daily Draw: Phoenix, Ouroboros, Nazar

Today’s draw is an emphasis, big time, of the constant cycles we’re in of death and rebirth. We are constantly moving through these patterns, destroying our old selves to be born anew again and again. It’s a journey, a path, not a destination. Nothing ends and nothing is linear. We move in circles, cycles of being and becoming. Try to understand this as you go about your day; try to remember that you’ve learned things in your past that will help you in the future, and who you are now will be unlocked, revealed, as you move forward. Protect yourselves, my dears. Do what you need to do to shield from the onslaught around you. Wear those talismans, practice grounding and shielding, and call on your helpers to protect you. You’re in a vulnerable state right now, stepping out of the ashes of who you once were. Be careful and aware of your surroundings.