Daily Draw: Fenrir and Widar

Today’s draw warns us that no matter what the world is doing outside (and it’s in the middle of some ridiculous gyrations at the moment, April Fool’s Day notwithstanding — oh, and we here at Muse’s Darling Industries don’t do April Fool’s Day, so everything in this divining here is straight up and not a joke), it’s critical to keep your feet on the ground and rely upon your own wisdom and strength. Follow your heart. It’s fine to get advice from others, but it’s also fine to ignore that advice once you receive it. It’s your life, your destiny, your future. Do your thing, and try to not get swept up in the madness swirling around you. Fenrir represents the untamed monster within us (among other things), and Widar is the force needed to conquer Him. As a matter of fact, in the Norse legends of Ragnarök, when Odin is killed by Fenrir, Widar is the one who avenges Odin and kills Fenrir by crushing the wolf’s skull under His giant boot. Widar is an exemplar of silent, efficient goodness, of mastery and skill that’s not wasted but only brought to bear when it’s needed. Let that be your guide today: don’t get dragged into the drama. Watch and wait, and move when your time comes.


Daily Draw: The Anchor, Odrörir (Inspiration), Fenrir (the Beast)

Well, as obvious draws go, this one is a doozy. We’re all getting nudged by a Cosmic Captain Obvious over here. It’s time to stay still, rooted in what’s most important to us, and do whatever work we love most. Let the inspiration and creativity flow and stop stopping it. Don’t listen to the voices of others that say you can’t do whatever it is you want to do. Stop listening to that chorus, because it sucks and isn’t even right. It’s just a yammering that’s coming from its own ground of fear and hatred, and while we can feel compassion for the people speaking these words if we want to (that whole bodhicitta thing), we aren’t compelled to do what they say. We aren’t serving them or ourselves by surrendering our passion and love simply because they’re miserable. Stop running away from your own inspiration. Stop letting them take your beauty. You’ve been given immeasurable gifts, and not using them because they haven’t been given to others as well is just stupid and has got to stop.