Daily Draw: Fjörgyn and Audhumla

For the last few days we’ve been up to our ears in the masculine principle, the passionate testosterone-fueled movement that creates, generates, and activates. Now however, we’re being given a little breather. Take advantage of the time, even if only for a few moments today, to breathe, ground, and center yourself. Take in the nurturing from the outside world: here in the northern hemisphere the air is getting softer and more fragrant; in the southern hemisphere it’s developing a sharpness and edge that clears away clutter. Let yourself breathe it in wherever you are. Notice the changing colors and shapes of things around you, and see how the animals, birds, insects, fish, and reptiles are changing their movements with the seasonal shift. Move with it, as gently as you can today. There’s no need to bash around right now. Take mindful steps and pay attention to where you’re going and how you’re getting there.


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