Daily Draw: Odin and Skirnir

So, yeah. He’s baaaaack. Actually, He never left. Odin is still here from yesterday’s reading, bringing in power and structure to the day’s proceedings and making sure that everything goes along according to plan. There are still jobs to do and plans to work out, but you’ve got strength and allies to get it all done (or, well, maybe not ALL of it but at least a good chunk of it). These plans and projects are geared up for the long-term, so think long-term. Don’t let yourself be blinded by immediate gratification. Push past that and think more about what you want and need for the long haul. Rely on friends and listen to their wisdom, especially if they’ve been in your corner for a long time. Rely on those who have proven themselves trustworthy. And for god’s sake don’t forget to give the dog a bone — no, seriously. Check out the photo. The Dog Bone charm fell right in front of Odin’s wolf, Who is laying at His feet gnawing on a bone. Bring offerings to the familiars of others, and don’t neglect the non-humans in your life.


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