Daily Draw: Mudra and Wings

Today’s energy is a continuation of yesterday’s, with a significant difference in that whereas yesterday’s vibe challenged us to express ourselves creatively and to reach out to others with our own special way of co-creating the world, today’s energy contains a bit of a warning to watch out for how others express themselves. It may be less advantageous to you than you’d hoped, and there may be more of a Trickster at work today than a Helper. Retreat when and where you can to what matters most to you, your Source, your light, and batten down the hatches. The media is awash with bad news from other parts of the world, and it’s important to acknowledge that news but to not take it too thoroughly to heart, especially if it doesn’t affect you directly. Disconnect from social media if you need to, at least until you are more grounded and better shielded, and focus on protecting yourself today.


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