Daily Draw: The Anchor and Lotus Fire

Today’s draw is about source and beginnings in lots of ways. You are rooted in where you came from, and cutting yourself free from that is kind of a fallacy. I mean, here’s the thing: we here at Muse’s Darling Conglomerated Industries have been getting rid of an entire storage unit’s worth of stuff over the last eighteen months or so, so we understand about how stuff can weigh us down; and of course getting free from our past selves is a worthy goal if that’s what one wants to do. We all must shed our past skins in order to grow, after all. But there’s an entirely different kind of rootedness to source that has nothing to do with the stuff we’ve accumulated along the way. There’s a rootedness that represents who we truly are beneath the layers of life we’ve become buried under, and it’s that that is being activated and energized today. Co-create your life with the energies around you, and have faith in where you come from and what you’ve been through. There’s a reason for it all — and I don’t mean that in the trite “new age” way. I mean that the reason for our experiences is to work us in the crucible of life, to alter us, to burn us to ashes so that we can be born anew as something different and more glorious, but that still is made up of the ashes of what went before.



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