Daily Draw: Green Woman and Orange Grove

I usually do four different divination readings daily: a charmcast with charms only, a runecast with runes only, a Tarot card draw of the day, and this draw here using charms, runes, and either an oracle or a Tarot deck (follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in getting those daily divinations at ” upstartcrow1564 “). And usually each reading brings up different aspects of the day’s energies, different advice or different voices coming through — and of course that’s what you’d expect when dealing with divination modalities that developed in different parts of the world by different cultures. But then there are days like today when they all seem to be saying the same thing: have respect for the natural world, and don’t fight those energies but flow with them. There’s a story going around Facebook this morning of a Christian minister in Africa who went with a group from his church to a zoo somewhere nearby. He saw the lions in their pen and suddenly figured that God wanted him to get into the pen and show his parishioners that man does indeed have dominion over the beasts by I guess just being in the pen and not getting eaten by the lions (there is no indication that he ever meant the lions any harm). So this true believer got into the pen and began speaking in tongues. We should not be shocked when one of the lions came up and tackled him and bit a big chunk out of his ass. I guess the other lions started to circle because the zoo rangers fired off their weapons to get the lions to back off, and they went in and got the minister and took him to a local hospital where he’s physically recovering — his spiritual recovery might take a little longer (hopefully). The moral of the story is obvious: DON’T DO THAT. Leave the lions alone. Respect that they are lions, they have their own gods (maybe, you don’t know), and you don’t have dominion over anything but your own self. Respect Mother Nature and don’t make the mistake of believing than Man is a master of the universe — you don’t want to be the example to others of exactly how NOT true that is.


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