Daily Draw: Child Spirit and Orange Grove

Today’s draw is about how best to work with the immense energies swirling around us today with the new moon and the solar eclipse. We often hear about these kinds of events, but at least for me, I’ve often felt confused about how to use or ride them, how to make the most of them in a practical, real way. So that’s what I asked about as I shuffled this morning, and what came up is the Child Spirit and Orange Grove cards. As you would think of a new moon, the energy right now is all about potential. Things are not fully manifested or otherwise in their final form, so don’t expect them to be. You don’t have the same expectations of a four-year-old that you do of a forty-year-old (although it’s probably reasonable to expect both to be wearing pants) — the child isn’t grown enough to be able to manifest as fully or powerfully as the adult is. So don’t expect your projects to magically complete themselves, or to be otherwise “done” just because you’ve thought about them. You need to do the work, experience what it means to do those projects, and work to get them ready for the world. The energy we’re in right now is optimum for that: set up steps and to-do lists, get through the business tasks, and nurture both your work and yourself in a good way (no beating yourself up or being a Marine Corps drill sergeant, please). Today is a good day to make your own luck, so do it by getting the work done and doing what you have to do to meet Lady Luck halfway.


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