Daily Draw: Honeybee and Mudra

So, if you’re at all like me, you’ve been using this Pisces time to indulge in anything and everything food-and-drink-wise: cake, wine, french fries, bread, all the usual suspects, and of course sugar in absolutely everything. I mean, hey, things are hard right now and I’m a Pisces baby, so indulgence has been my middle name. But today’s reading is saying it’s time to stop that. That kind of ingesting isn’t nourishing in any real way, and it’s damaging to the body in ways that might not be easy to see just yet but believe me the damage is being done. Get back to balanced eating, if you’re not doing it already: more vegetables, more water, as many vitamins and minerals as you can get, and maybe even a little exercise. Make a game out of it. Come on, we’re creative people, so finding a way to make healthy living fun and engaging should be easy — or, well, ok, maybe not easy exactly, but at least in our wheelhouse. Take advantage of your innate creativity and use your skills for your own highest good.



  1. Yup. I’ve been eating really well the past few days, but today I fell off in a big way. Back in the saddle starting tonight. Thank you for this.


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