Daily Draw: Spider and The Arch

Today’s draw sounds like an awesome animated TV show from the 70s, right? “Spider and the Arch!” It could be about a magical person who can change into a spider whenever she wants to, and she runs around solving crimes and using her Trickster powers to foil evildoers, and her sidekick is a really really large guy who can turn himself into a bridge at will. Yeah! … Ok, maybe not, but that’s the energy for today: approach things with both the excitement and the unknowing-ness of Beginner’s Mind, and let things flow where and as they will. Don’t try to direct or manage what comes up today; just let it be, and learn from it as best you can. And whatever else happens, keep moving. Don’t get stuck or trapped, either figuratively or literally. Reach out for new things, learn what you can, and then let them go and move on.


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