Daily Draw: The Gull and Lotus Fire

Let your inner fire provide the energy you need for this journey you’re on now, friends. Tap into that sacred passion that got you here in the first place, and hang onto it when things get dark. It’s a journey that happens in stages the way many journeys do, and the stage you’re in now has either ended or is coming to an end. Remember why you got started on it, what made you want to do what you’re doing now, and how connected you were to it, how passionate and fired up. The journey might have taken some of that from you, so it’s time to get back to source. Take some time to clear away the crap from the journey so far and find your origins. Things aren’t quite ready to leap forward yet, so just let yourself rest where you are, even if it’s in that uncomfortable in-between place. You’ll be better for the rest once you do get started again.


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