Daily Draw: The Sword & Orange Grove

Today’s draw is good news: things are going well especially in matters of the heart (or with regard to projects we’ve got going on that really matter to us). If you look at the cards, you can see all the fours: The Sword is the fourth step in the second set of Holly DeFount’s “A Curious Oracle” reading system (in which there are seven sets and seven steps within each set), and the Orange Grove is the fourth step of the fourth set. Basically the cards are telling us that we are doing well as we proceed along the path of our heart’s greatest passion. Even if it doesn’t look like it (and these days, let’s be real, it often doesn’t look like much beyond pain and despair for many folks), still, the Sword is there to cut away all obscurations and blockages to our eventual success and the Orange Grove is there to remind us to lean on those relationships that are most harmonious and fulfilling for us, and we will eventually find our way.


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  1. Thanks for this, it feels I’m not progressing much on my ‘project’ at the minute even though this has been the third week of working on it! Hopefully, I shall get it done soon.

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