Daily Draw: The Dragon and Mercury Rising

Today shows us a lot of sixes: the Dragon is the sixth step in the sixth set of the Oracle, indicating great blessings and a shower of wealth and prosperity, and Mercury Rising is the sixth step of the first set, indicating focus on the material plane and physical health and well-being. But here’s the thing: the Dragon is in the position of How Things Appear To Be (hint: NOT as they actually are), whereas Mercury Rising is in the position of What’s Real And True. Those pesky sixes, three of them, indicate mischief and the potential for great negativity if one isn’t careful (666, anyone?). With today being Oscar Sunday (if you’re into movies and all that Hollywood glamour), it’s pretty clear that the wisdom for today is to be careful about envy and wanting a particular vision of wealth, prosperity, and power that you don’t currently have. The media machine will be going full-bore from Southern California today showing us beautiful people in extraordinary clothes and jewelry, selling us a lifestyle of wealth and privilege that most of us will never achieve in our lifetimes. But it’s just a show. Have fun with it if you like and enjoy the prettiness of it, but remember: it’s just a show. Your own healing and well-being is not tied into what others look like and how much you don’t look like them; and for god’s sake remember that the media will show us what they think we would most like to buy or to have, not necessarily what’s most true. Focus on your own healing and what’s true, and put everything else in its proper place.



  1. wonderful advice, Karen! I used to live in L.A., so it took years – even though I was never really into celebrities – to shed all the “you should want this, this is what matters” that comes forth from that place! even more now I seem to be less enamored of it than those around me in my Midwestern town

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    1. Thanks, Cindy! I can’t even imagine how hard it would be, living in LA around all that anger and self-loathing. Getting past it to a place of self-acceptance is such a struggle!


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