Daily Draw: The Crypt and Gargoyle

Today’s draw is about rest and shielding. Relax and breathe deeply. Rest in whatever you’re doing and go gently. You’ve been thinking so hard lately there might as well be smoke coming out of your ears. Now is the time to let that go. Give yourself a mental and emotional break. Focus on whatever you’re doing as a mindfulness exercise. Leave the worry about things you’re not working on right now until tomorrow. Find the peace that comes from letting go of what you cannot control (that whole Serenity Prayer thing is actually right), and just be where you are. There are things happening that you can’t see right now, and that’s just how it is so let all that go. Feel how loved and protected you are, even if you don’t think it’s real — give yourself the gift of pretending it’s real. If you don’t already believe that there is a Large Invisible Sky Friend taking care of you, that’s ok, just pretend there is, just for today. We all need to believe in magic and the Invisible Ineffable sometimes, so let today be one of those times for you. And if you already do believe in the Invisible Ineffable, let yourself rest in the belief that you are held and beloved.



  1. Funny for the last three months the door bell has rung and been knocked on once… no one is there. I can see from my widow. No children ruining away.. my family witnessed it too. A couple nights ago it was at 12:15 PM. I am just gong to let it go and not worry about it and just realize maybe a friendly spirit is trying to get my attention like your readings do… Thank you!!

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