Daily Draw: The Shield and Memento Mori

Today’s draw is a reminder that holding to your convictions in a strong, ethical way is very important for our forward progress. Let go of what isn’t real, although it’s difficult sometimes to tell what’s real and what’s not. So here’s what to do: determine via whatever process works best for you whether your projects and efforts are feeding you or not. If they’re not, if they’re sucking away your energy and life force, they need to go. They may be old favorites, things you’ve clung to since your teenage years that used to be fresh and wonderful dreams but now have become old, knobby clubs you’re using to beat yourself up with. That needs to stop. The problem with this kind of tilting at windmills (see the little Windmill charm there?) is that it’s keeping you from putting your energy into projects and ideas that are more relevant to you now. So let go of what’s dead, and focus on what truly matters most to you now.


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