Daily Draw: White Queen and Spider

Today’s draw is one of those where the charms really add to the message in a hard-core way. Look at the image: The white rose at the center of the White Queen card has been covered by the silver heart milagro, and the blood that drips from the rose now appears to be coming from the heart itself. The card, which carries a meaning of connection between personal Spirit and Cosmic/Divine Source as well as the revelation of signs and mysteries, has now been overwhelmed by the Bleeding Heart, and the Plus Sign charm indicates an increase of whatever it has fallen close to. We are trusting too much to divine signs and not enough to our own personal wisdom and intuition. We are allowing our feelings to overwhelm everything else (I blame Facebook — no, seriously, we now have access to everything that’s going on everywhere anyone has a phone and a camera, so we’re being bombarded with everything from bloody far-off revolutions to baby bunnies in “wheelchairs,” and the distraction level is monstrously high). There is a lack of rootedness at work today, and we need to get our feet back on the ground. Pay close attention to what you let into your space today, friends; pay attention to your thoughts. Where do they come from? Are they yours? Has the source of these thoughts and ideas worked hard to earn your trust, or do you just believe what you see because you want to, because you are being told what you want to hear?


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