Daily Draw: Alchemy and Gargoyle

Today’s draw is about how things appear versus how they really are, and how to move between those extremes. Beware of thinking you’re all that and a bag of chips today: you’ve had help to get where you are (everybody does), and it would serve you very well to remember it and express gratitude for those who have made your journey easier. If others tend to look down on you, by all means slap that crown on your head and make sure they know it’s there — no sense having people try to walk all over you just because you’re exercising gratitude and humility today. That’s what the Guardian is about: establish firm and strong boundaries, and empower them with some form of spirit. Feed your protectors, and celebrate them. Let them know they’re loved, because the work they do is vital to your safety and support. You’re not alone, really.


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