Daily Draw: Four of Pentacles and XX Judgement

Today’s energy is about home and security, bringing solidity into the areas of your life that are fluid and making some decisions to get things done. Do what weeding and clearing out you need to do (Chinese New Year and the New Moon are tomorrow, so it’s a good time to do this sort of thing anyway), and face your to-do list with determination. Change is coming, but you can get ready for it. You just have to step up and face whatever reasons you’ve had for procrastinating — get past them however you can, including just pushing through. The rune for today is Uruz, which is a rune of unstoppable force; and notice that The Elephant charm fell in the draw today too, which emphasizes Uruz. Ride this unstoppable force and use it to get things done today, but make sure that what you get done is in best service to your home, security, and best and most primary needs. It’s ok to put yourself first in this.


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