Daily Draw: XV The Devil and Four of Wands

Today’s energy isn’t particularly happy or helpful, friends, and the possibilities for being your own worst enemy are endless. Watch what you see and hear, what you let into your boundaries, and be careful of your own thoughts about things. My parents went to see the movie “Spotlight” last night, and while they agree it was an excellent movie, my stepdad said he wishes he’d never seen it. It’s a powerful and important story, but one must be in the proper frame of mind, with the proper boundaries firmly in place, before seeing it. The mind is a powerful beastie, and it’s not above tricking you into believing things that aren’t true based on past trauma, abuse, and crises that litter your past. Reach out to family and friends for advice and support, especially if you’re considering a life change. Let yourself be sheltered and protected by the walls of love and friendship. Leave heavy decisions for tomorrow, if you can. And if you must make hard choices today, get advice, do your due diligence, get as much information as you can, and remember that you’re doing your best and that’s all anyone can do.


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