Daily Draw: IV Power (Lilith) and Seven of Wind

Ferocity in guarding your space and your boundaries is not only acceptable, it’s required. With such intense energy focusing inward these days, and let’s face it, we’re all focusing inward on getting our stuff done, moving our projects forward, or just plain trying to survive, sometimes intense defense needs to happen. When others come at you to either get your help or to dump their stuff on you (whether they mean to or not, and sometimes they really are just clueless and not proceeding from ill intent), finding a way to say, “No, thank you,” is critical. It depends on who it is, of course: if your boss dumps on you and you need the job, don’t tell her to go f*** herself. Do the job, do what you have to do to protect your inner resources, and practice not taking anything personally. If however it’s someone who tends to be an energy vampire, who comes at you with their boatloads of crap all the time, by all means practice your sacred and divine “NO.” Let yourself have your “NO.”


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