Daily Draw: The Poison, The Compass, and The Star

Today I’m trying something new: letting the charms lead the way instead of the cards. I drew three charms and let them tell me what they’re about: there’s the Poison, the Compass, and the Star. So the cards speak to those three elements. The Gargoyle is the Poison, the Honeybee is the Compass, and the Anchor is the Star. The rune Perthro is in there as well, indicating emergence from the Well, but also the Well itself: magic, the depths of the unknown, and all mystery that can be explored through study, devotion, and sacrifice. So the wisdom for today is to watch out for monsters, either created by others or the demons we create ourselves. Block other people’s drama by staying true to what works best for you, what nourishes you both literally and figuratively (eat those veggies, people, or at least take a multivitamin!), and follow your own star, that star you’ve been following ever since you were little. It’s helping you more than you know right now.


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  1. Thanks. That monster you spoke of for me at this red hot moment is car repairs and maybe having to replace my car. Waiting to hear the verdict from the car repair guys. Breathing. Thanks for these wisdom bits. They help!

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