Daily Draw: Aether, The Ruby Cup, The Mask

You are tenacious, my darlings, and that’s a good thing. Keep driving, keep digging, keep doing what you need to do. You’re like a dog with a bone, and it’s important to be that way. It’s obvious to anybody with eyes to see that what matters to you matters deeply, and taking that into account is valuable and even critical in getting to know you. But here’s the thing: be careful of the ways in which you lie to yourself. Be careful and aware of the stories you tell yourself, because they’re going to get you into trouble. What should be mastery will instead end up being an epic disaster because you cannot see what’s true: ask yourself, “Do I know what I’m doing?” And if the answer is, “No” or “Not really” or even “Not yet,” you need to go seek help. Don’t be afraid to get advice. Don’t be afraid to try that new thing, or that new idea, or even that thing that seems weird and different and so totally odd. It may contain the wisdom you need to move forward. Humility in sovereignty, darlings. That’s the ticket.


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