Daily Draw: Green Woman, The Sword, The Owl

Today’s draw is a reminder to get out into the natural world. Listen to the movement of things, the flow all around you. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s winter, which means that not a whole lot is growing right now. Members of the Green World are asleep underground, keeping their energies stored for the coming spring. This is good for us to do as well: use this season to draw inward and create. Play when and where we can, letting ourselves breathe and be free of our adult responsibilities every now and again. Engage in those creative activities you used to love, or find new ones. Things are tough right now — they’re tough for many many people. I was reading an article on the Wall Street Journal web site this morning that another market correction is coming this year (because apparently we didn’t learn the lessons from the 2008 recession well enough). It’s important to prepare for these things, but it’s also important to not let the bad news make us too crazy. Try to stay even-keeled, even if there’s a storm raging around you. Those stones the universe is hurling at you right now contain the seeds of gifts and wisdom you’ll need later on. So duck, but don’t curse the storm.


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