Daily Draw: Earth 6 and Earth 3

Today’s draw celebrates our successes. There is a great deal to celebrate, but it’s also important to acknowledge the losses. That Noose there signifies David Bowie’s passing. He left us a great legacy for which we can be grateful, but he’s moved on to his next great adventure. Recognize what your legacies will be, and celebrate the good you’ve done. Don’t get stuck in negative thinking. Chances are very good that you’ve done great work in the world and made a tremendous difference even if you don’t see it. You’ve changed lives, lifted obstacles for others, and helped send out powerful positive vibes that have changed things for the entire fabric of reality, for the better. Give yourself a break. You cannot see what’s coming, and that’s as it should be. Breathe, have faith in the good you’ve done, bless those who have gone ahead, and keep on keeping on.

Deck: “Mythical Goddess Tarot” by Katherine Scaggs & Sage Holloway


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