Daily Draw: Sleipnir, Swadilfari, and Odrörir

Today’s draw is about harnessing the energies of both peace and storm, keeping your head down, and having faith that you will receive inspiration from the gods whenever you need it. No, seriously, that’s it. It couldn’t be clearer. There is a mad sort of balancing act that happens when both the sun and storms rage and battle for dominance of the skies. Both are happening, both are immensely powerful, and you can tap into each. But you’ve got to get to work. Dig in, be relentless, and unlock the sources of inspiration in your heart (or the liquor cabinet–and I’m only half-kidding here: look at the third card: the keys are on the drinking horn of inspiration, so maybe it’s time to unleash the spirits and go with that flow). There is a powerful source of light in each card below. Let yourself be guided (or inspired!) and do your best to just get as much done as you can. Draw power from the sun. Draw power from the rain. Pay attention to the still small voice in the back of your head. And then GO.

Deck: Das Germanische Gotterorakel


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