Daily Draw: The Anchor, The Rose, and Blackbird

The hard thing as we get older is seeing the flow of time. We see that a new year, a new cycle, isn’t a completely blank slate–it’s more like starting over with all the information from previous tries backed up in our heads. All those do-overs, second chances, new year’s resolutions all led to this place we’re at now. Rather than rushing off in pursuit of starting over, use this new beginning to stop and look around a bit. See where you are, and give yourself proper credit for it. Even if this new place sucks, you’re still alive, on the positive side of the grave. You get credit for that. Look at your situation as clearly as you can, from where you’re living to what you’re eating. There’s good there. The blank slate presented by the turning of the year isn’t blank at all. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of everything that’s come before. See clearly and with focus, and realize that everything turns and flows in cycles. Nothing is linear. If you need to cry, go ahead and cry. Let that be a part of the flow too.


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