Daily Draw: Gargoyle, The Gull, The Jewel

Happy new year, my friends! This is the first draw of 2016, and it sets a bit of a theme for the year to come. We are all still in flow: things are still changing all around us, and we’re continuing on whatever journeys we were on before. It’s strange and weird and difficult to understand sometimes, but it’s important to keep our eyes on the prize. What are you moving toward? Do you have a goal, or are you just floating? We’re reminded that we could spend our entire lives floating if we’re not careful, so set some goals. Start small, and keep your goals and plans short, small, and as doable as possible. Give yourself a decent shot at success. You’ll get there in the end, and you have guardians and protectors that you can’t possibly even imagine, so relax and go with the flow.

Deck: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount


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