Daily Draw: Tree, Memento Mori, and The Fountain

Today, we flow. No matter where we are or what we’re going through, we flow. Keep moving. You are rooted in a deep and sacred lineage, and the best way to honor and work with it is to acknowledge it. Give honor and respect to your dead, but also to the dying year. Take a minute and look back at what you’ve been through, what you’ve accomplished, and what you’ve failed at as well. Don’t judge or be mean to yourself (or anyone else). Just observe your successes and failures, and see with compassion the successes and failures of your ancestors and family. We all do the best we can with what we’ve got, and while some of us seem to have ancestors who were assholes, it’s still of most advantage to us now to offer them compassion as much as we can, if for no other reason than to free ourselves of the family curses so that we can move on. Because that’s where this reading is going: we have great creativity available to us, and the sorrow and pain of our lineages creates a richness of human experience from which we can draw in creative, healing ways. The Wheel turns, driven by the flow of life: day into night into day, life and death and life, over and over and over again. See the flow with compassion for all of us who are in it. Take a larger, longer view, and give yourself and everyone you touch the gift of forgiveness.



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