Daily Draw: Five of Cups and IV The Emperor

Today’s draw is an acknowledgment that when we sort and sift through things, uncomfortable and maybe even painful emotions are going to come up. Loss, regret, fear — all of them have their place in our memories, and all of those memories are attached to physical things. But as we leave things behind, either as we physically move on or as we change up our environments to bring in new energy, it’s important to remember to let go of the associations with those items. Let the past stay in the past. Your job now is to begin to forge a new way forward, to create a new kingdom for yourself with new boundaries and new rules. You can create that place however you want, and you must be careful to not let old patterns return to influence your new rule-setting. Let your personal health and well-being dictate the rules you establish; let the voices most concerned with your goodness take the lead.



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