Daily Draw: Eight of Swords, Eight of Cups, and the Queen of Cups

It’s important to recognize when you’re in a rite of passage. This is kind of a hard thing sometimes because these days, in this culture, we don’t really do rites of passage. Even our weddings, births, and deaths (among other things) are subjected to massive amounts of social media, photographing, and commentary rather than just sitting with or doing the experience, whatever it is, so whatever wisdom we’re meant to glean from the passage flies right past us as we’re Instagramming it. (And when I say “deaths,” I mean the endings of relationships or jobs, or the deaths of those close to us; obviously there’s no getting around the experience of our own deaths.) So today is a reminder to put the phone down, turn off the device or TV or whatever, and just be in the space you’re in. Feel it. What’s going on? Don’t distract yourself; it’s not healthy. If you’re going through something, acknowledge that you’re leaving behind one thing and moving into something else. Time is passing. So let yourself go, and be aware of it. What messages are you getting? Because believe me, as a psychic and an empath, messages don’t get through when I’m plugged into Netflix or Facebook. You’ve got to turn that shit off in order to hear. Set up schedules and boundaries so that you can actually feel your life.

Deck: “Tarocco Soprafino” by Il Meneghello
— The Muse’s Darling


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