Daily Draw: Ace of Coins (Gefjon) and Four of Wands (Ganglati)

We’re seeing Ganglati a lot these days: that Four of Wands energy of creating home and establishing solid habits and getting those foundations cleaned up and solidified. It’s also the “silly season” of holiday madness, home, and family, and loads of attendant stress and anxiety to go along with all that togetherness. Today’s draw is a reminder to set healthy boundaries and allow yourself time to play because that’s more important than you might think. We need our whimsy, our play-time, and our current culture not only doesn’t allow it but actively tries to stamp it out. Work against that, my dears. Get outside if you can and breathe some fresh air. Set up boundaries to protect your inner child (or however you choose to think of this side of yourself that engages in sacred play), and hold those boundaries. The Sun, Moon, and Stars are all in alignment in this draw (check out the center of the reading; all three are there in a vertical row), and there’s a Tree on each card. Balance, balance, balance. Get some self-care in there amidst all the requirements for others. Get some play in there amidst all the work. And remember to be as nice as you can be to everyone. You never know who you’re dealing with or what they’re going through. Wish everyone a happy holiday season.


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