Daily Draw: Four of Wands (Ganglati) and Two of Wands (Bolthorn)

Today’s draw is about getting it done: whatever needs doing around the house, whatever chores need to happen, whatever’s going on at work, just get it done. Don’t complain, don’t bitch about the help, just take a deep breath and get it done. Learn from the silence required of not bitching, and make it meditative if you can. Make it a prayer. There are many who are working this holiday season and who regularly receive no thanks, no gifts, and no good wishes. So give thanks for your blessings and do the work that needs doing. Put up those boundaries against outside energies that would drag you down. Who needs it? Protect yourself from the holiday lunacy and selfishness. You’ve finished something recently, passed through some form of trial, and now it’s time to move on. Be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned, let the negativity go, give back where you can, and move on.


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