Daily Draw: Shape-Shifter and Dilettante

Today’s draw brings forward archetypes from Carolyn Myss’s Archetype Cards that are useful for us today. Utilize your abilities to weave your way back and forth between worlds, shifting faces and levels of connection and reality. Let yourself flow in between where you need to, and bring back the treasures you find. This is something you can do — we all can do it, to varying degrees — and it’s something worth practicing. Be prepared to go deep, though, and offer the sacrifices required for true learning. The shallowness of “playing” at any particular level can really damage your reputation and is bad for you on multiple levels. Superficiality is not your friend here. Don’t be satisfied with skating over the surface of things. Have the guts to plunge into the waters, and test your knowledge of the depths. (I just put on one of my mermaid pendants to help me with this, because it’s a struggle for me too. Yay mermaids!)


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