Daily Draw: Eight of Coins (Olvalde & Sons) and Two of Wands (Bolthorn)

Be careful who you trust with your wisdom today, and watch out for social media. There is energy floating around that isn’t helpful, and there may be people who want to piggy-back on your hard work and take advantage of what you’ve done in the name of helping you out. It’s not a terrible evil, though, or anything vampiric. It’s just people who are mostly well-meaning but who also see your energy as a powerful force and want to use it to energize their own efforts. If they’re children, it’s ok. Kids do this because they’re supposed to, and as adults/parents/grownups/teachers, we’re supposed to let them. They need us. But if they’re not children, keep those boundaries up. Lean on your friends. Listen to the advice of those who love you, and don’t let yourself get twisted up in the holiday madness. Relax, remember to breathe, and shield yourself from the distractions and hyper-noise that often masks attacks.


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