Daily Draw: V Hierophant (Cybele) and XVI Destruction (Kali)

Today’s draw is about the path of the Hermit, about self-care and what to do to make it happen. Carve out time for yourself today, my dears. Go with the creative flow, however that manifests for you: painting, writing, building, sewing, or even just self-pampering. There is value in taking good care of yourself, and following the wisdom of others who know how to do that is a good idea. Watch out for the sturm-und-drang that comes from the outside world. Most of the time we can’t do anything about what comes at us from social media: the firestorms, the politics, the terrible events that happen outside the borders of the cities and towns we live in. It’s like checking WebMD when you have a headache and freaking out because of all the horrible diseases that can cause headaches (when you probably are just dehydrated). Don’t let yourself get spun out by the craziness of the world around you. Stay focused on the tasks at hand, and let the world do its thing. There are Forces at work in the world right now that have nothing to do with you, and while you may sense Their presence, They aren’t aiming Their work at you. Tend your own garden today.


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