Daily Draw: Five of Water (La Llorona) and IV Sovereignty (The Morrigan)

Today’s draw calls for an end to grieving. What grief have you been carrying for too long? Here’s the thing: it’s affecting everything else. It’s time to let it go. Look at how you wanted things to be, feel the emotions associated with that, then let it go. The present moment is what it is, and there’s no way to bring back the past. Past mistakes are done and there’s no way to undo them. Take a moment today and ask for protection from this overwhelming grief at what happened (or what didn’t happen). Instead of letting that flood of grief overwhelm everything, stop it in its tracks and direct it downward into the Earth. Let it flow into the arms of the Mother who accepts and transforms everything, and then recommit yourself to focusing forward. Leave the past behind, and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Focus forward, my darlings: that’s where the magic is.



    1. Bless your heart, Kimberly, and thank you so much for saying that! I’m struggling with some stuff from my past, including some choices I made that weren’t the best, so hearing that the visualization is helpful to somebody really helps me. Thank you! ❤


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