Daily Draw: Five of Water (La Llorona) and Ace of Water (Face of the Deep)

It is time to walk away. Leave the grief and regret behind, because they are a burden you are not meant to carry. Let go. Let the Ocean have it — and yes, that’s “Ocean” with a capital “O.” Give it to the waters, the only element we have access to here on Earth that is capable of absorbing anything and everything and dissipating it. You are not greater than the Ocean, so trust me: nothing you carry, no burden you haul along with you day after day, is too big for the Ocean to take. Give it up. Your regret is no longer serving you (if it ever was in the first place). Time to move forward. Focus forward. See those charms right above the rune Eihwaz in the center there? That’s The Binoculars on top of The Stork. The Stork is all about new beginnings, and The Binoculars are about scanning the horizons to scope out the way forward. Go into the Deep, into the new emotional territory opening up for you, and release past pain and regret into it. Then keep moving forward and leave it all behind.


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