Daily Draw/ White Queen, Ace of Air (Nemesis), Hierophant (Cybele)

Cybele is an ancient goddess with deep, deep roots in France and the Middle East both. Nemesis is an ancient goddess with deep, deep roots in Greece and Rome. The Great Mother Goddess is old, older than we are, and She is here to speak. We are all Her children, and it brutalizes Her to watch us kill each other over the perceived words of a young Sky God. There is so much hate, so much rejection of a fundamental truth: that we are separate from each other and from Her. We are not, no matter what gods we believe in, even if we profess to believe in no gods at all. Even if we believe in no gods, we are still a part of Her, and we must live from that place. The White Queen is a symbol of the manifestation of spiritual truths in the living world — what we believe is coming to pass. So we must reject the belief of separation, of our own exceptionalism, and instead embrace the belief and practice that the human family is one family. We don’t have to like everybody else in the human family, and that’s fine. We don’t have to like our drunk uncle or our controlling grandpa or our racist cousin the lunatic gun owner. That’s all fine, as long as not-liking does not wander into the realm of action and violence. But we do have to make room for each other and our foibles and differences, and we absolutely have to keep a clear weather eye on controlling grandpa who thinks he knows best what to do with the family fortune. Hint: he doesn’t. (And yes, that last bit is a metaphor for America and Citizen’s United, in case it wasn’t clear.)


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