Daily Draw: Lily, Selene (Full Moon), and Tzalolteotl (Sin-Eater)

Today’s draw is about digging deep through all the stuff we’ve accumulated along the way and getting rid of what no longer serves. This is also true for our deepest and darkest secrets, our darkness, what we are most ashamed of about ourselves. We can no longer keep carrying the wounding, the shame, and we need to let it go. We must be our own Destroyer, passionately and fearlessly examining everything that comes up for us even if it terrifies us. Nothing around us will change for the better unless we ourselves are willing to change. Let the rain come. Bring the storms. Let the floodwaters carry off what is burdening you. Release it, and yield to the not-having. Let your hands be empty, and experience what that’s like before filling them up again.



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