Daily Draw: The Anchor, Knight of Wands rev. (Daeg), and the Ace of Wands (Logi)

Today is a day for getting rid of all those self-destructive habits you’ve picked up along the way — or, well, let’s rephrase that: today is a day to practice getting rid of all those self-destructive habits you’re picked up along the way. It’s not as if you can say, “Hey, I don’t need to binge-eat or smoke or drink or shoot up any more” and then poof the addiction is gone. Slow down. Focus only on today, on how you want to make today better. Look around in your life. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries tend to self-soothe and calm with refined sugar and carbs. We needed it desperately to get through our younger years, and that’s fine. It’s true for many many people, and that’s just how it is in our reality right now. But when those methods are no longer serving us, it’s time to let them go. Be aware of how they’re working in your life right now: that’s the first step. They’ve been with you for a LONG time, so don’t be afraid to look far back in your memories to find their sources. You don’t need them any more, so find them and cut them out.

2015-11-07 07.57.11


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