Daily Draw: The Ruby Cup, Ace of Coins rev. (Gefjon), and Three of Swords (Thjassi)

Ok, today’s draw is an admonition to stop giving away the store. Kindness and sharing is something that we need to do, of course, because we are all part of a human community that extends to every corner of this little planet and even beyond. Having said that, though, there’s a difference between sharing and helping others and letting others into your “home” and letting them walk off with all your stuff. I mean, imagine it: you put an ad up on Craigslist and tell people to show up at a certain time, and when the time comes you throw open the doors and let the hordes in. And not only do you not just stand back and watch the human tsunami envelop and remove your stuff, you actively help people dismantle your home and walk off with everything you’ve worked so hard for. What’s up with that? What’s happening there? Are you trying to be Jesus or something? Because that gig has been taken. The gig that hasn’t been taken is YOU. Stop casting your treasures to the winds. That’s the wisdom for right now: stop what you’re doing, reset your wards and boundaries, and look for signs. Look at what you’ve done so far, and do your best to look without judgment or blame. Just see and take note. No blame. Stop, breathe, guard, and see.



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