Daily Draw, Samhain Edition: Evening Star, Aegir (Movement), Swadilfari (Work)

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain, my darlings! All bright blessings on you as the great Wheel turns. Today’s draw encourages us to seek inspiration in the unknown, to reach out and unlock the darkness without knowing what will happen like Frodo did in Shelob’s lair when he held aloft Galadriel’s glass and cried out the invocation of the evening star. It’s time to move, to dance, to shed those old ways that hold us back and bar our forward progress, and to step into the work of creating the new world we want. It’s hard work, true, but we are encouraged to enjoy our work, to focus and have fun with it as we go because it is a celebration of (and focus on) the present moment and what we are pouring into our work. We’re advised to be careful and pay attention to what we’re doing, because when we don’t pay attention, our great power gets scattered all over the place. It’s like what happens if you turn on a garden hose full blast but don’t pick it up and aim it anywhere: the hose will whip and coil and snake around the yard like a wild thing, spraying blasts of water all over everything and maybe shattering delicate flower pots, terrifying the cat, and generally wreaking havoc. You have to get a firm grip on the hose first, THEN turn on the water. It’s the same with your power: you have to ground and center yourself first, THEN start to work. Otherwise you’re blasting everything around you with crazy wild energy and doing damage where you meant to help. This is the wisdom from my Ancestors, many of whom (hell, most of whom) were farmers: watch what you’re doing, and use your tremendous power wisely; there’s no stopping it once you get it flowing.



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