#30DaysofHecate Day Three: Imagining the Goddess

Today’s prompt in the #30DaysofHecate “Sacred Pause Welcoming Hallowmas” is about imagining what Hecate looks like to me and how I would recreate Her artistically. It’s really interesting that this is today’s prompt because last night I had a great conversation with a very powerful witch and priestess of Hekate who told me many things about Her, how She is worshipped and perceived and where She comes from. She is most often portrayed in Her culture of origin as a Maiden goddess, the Lightbringer and Torchbearer and Guider along the pathways. I love that about Her, and I love that She’s a psychopomp, a guide of souls to the lands of the dead. I would write about Her youth and beauty and how it contrasts with the darkness and death around Her as She walks in the underworld, and I would write about how light shines from Her as if She herself is the torch. I don’t know Hekate myself, except as She is spoken of by others. I love thinking of Her as a goddess of crossroads; I think of Her whenever I see a y-shaped branch or twig that’s fallen from a wayside tree. I look at the fallen branch or twig and see which way it’s pointing, and use that as a guide or signpost to answer any questions I might have about which direction to take. I used to be afraid of Her because I believed what I had been told about Her as a goddess of evil and dark magic. I laugh about that now because those things I was told about Her were stories invented by men. Fear does not define a goddess. Hecate/Hekate is defined by the light She brings, by Her own magic and the witches who worship Her with their whole hearts. I hope to someday know Her better.


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