Daily Draw: Twilight, Aegir (Movement), Gullweig (Discord)

Today’s draw is a reminder that we have work to do and miles to go before we sleep—and that there are all kinds of dramas going on behind the veils obscuring the Other Worlds that we can do nothing about. We are advised to keep moving, that now is the season of revealing what’s hidden, and to brace ourselves because being able to talk to the dead through a thinner veil doesn’t mean that we’ll like or be happy about what we learn. Things change, seas rage and then calm and then rage again, and we’re at their mercy as we go; there are forces at work in the universe that are enormous and passionate and wild and really don’t care about us, at least not in the way we think they do (it’s not that they don’t care, really, it’s that the universe is VERY BIG and there’s more going on than we can possibly imagine, and we are small and for the moment attached to this one little planet). Do your work, do your best, keep moving, and don’t be afraid to do the inner, more emotional work you need to do to heal, because in the end that’s all you are responsible for: how you are in the world and what responsibility you take for cleaning up the messes you’ve made.


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