Daily Draw: Lotus Fire, Skirnir (Friendship), Gylfi (The Seeker)

So, listen. The need for boundaries in the world is real. We really have to practice that, especially those of us who are sensitive (and by “sensitive,” I mean“intuitive”). We are crafting excellent and really special friendships that matter and that will bind us and our hearts to good people, so that’s awesome and we need to keep fostering those friendships. Doing that will help with the boundary thing because others that we trust might be better at it than we are. I personally suck at it, so I rely on those I love to help me out with setting up and maintaining good, healthy boundaries. We are on a long quest to find ourselves — it’s what we’re doing here on Earth, in a larger sense, as a group of beings working together — and there’s no getting off that ride until we get to the end. There’s no ending or stopping until we find what we’re looking for, until we become who we are. And as lonely as that sounds, we’re not alone. We’re never alone. So hang onto your friends, and reach out to others who are struggling on their own (or send goodness and prayers from a respectful distance if that’s what’s called for, as it sometimes is) .



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