Daily Draw: The Torch, Huginn & Muninn (Messages), Ran (Entanglement)

Today is a good day to sort out the things that are driving you as you go throughout your days. Sometimes we keep doing things long after the reason for doing them is gone, and waking up to that is important. Let old entanglements and motivations go. Identify them, thank them for their purpose in your life if you feel called to do that, and then consciously let them go. Actively look and listen in the natural world for messages that are coming in all the time. Be awake and aware of the world Herself talking to you, because she always is. New messages bring new life and new hope. It may also be a good time to start a daily practice of self-forgiveness for past and present mistakes. Be kind to yourself and pay attention to what you’re doing, because it is the foundation of your intentions, the power behind your prayers.



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