Daily Draw: The Raven, Gylfi (Seeker), Sol (The Sun)

Today’s draw is about clarity of mind and great new ideas. This is some powerful creativity happening here, and it’s important not to waste it. Write those ideas down–don’t just let them go. This is also a draw about clear-mindedness and clarity when it comes to decision-making. You know what you want to end up with, even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there, so create a plan. Make yourself some action items, and before you do anything, think it through. Give yourself time and space to really think about your plan and your goals. Don’t just wing it. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries have done far too much “winging it” in our life, for reasons which were very valid and important at the time but which no longer resonate, so it’s important for us to start making plans. Consider them your operational directives, your battle plans. Don’t just rush into things blindly. Slow down, look around you, catalog your resources, list your friends and your foes, and go through the steps to get you moving.

Decks: “A Curious Oracle” by Holly DeFount; “Das Germanische Gotterorakel,” Red Dragon Edition
The Muse’s Darling


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